Bespoke coaching service

We assist hundreds of people across Tauranga to create lives that have meaning and value for them.

how does it work?

Your Forward, Together community connector works with you to design a programme that helps you move towards the life that you want. We work in the areas of health and wellbeing, meaningful work and growth and learning.

From the outset, we dedicate time to getting to know each person before we begin the exciting process of helping them plan and work towards their goals. Building this depth of understanding about you is a powerful and unique element of our offering – integral to really understanding each person’s unique motivations and circumstances.

You might set a goal of getting a job. Our role is to help prepare you to become ready for employment, setting goals relevant to your knowledge and prior experience.

We work with you; helping you identify your strengths and passions, and what role and environment might best suit you. Together, we map out your unique employment pathway, identify personal development and training opportunities, and talk to our relevant networks. We work to ensure you have the best possible chance of securing employment.

Who is it for?

Momenta works with individuals from the age of 16-65 years old who have a lived experience of disability or health conditions which are preventing you from fully achieving the life of value that you are seeking.

If you would like support in planning, coaching, coordinating, or implementing changes in your life to fulfil your aspirations, then make a time see us.