We want to help create a society which values the contributions of people with all abilities.

After so long working with people with lived experience of disability, it’s only natural that we’ve become fixated on wanting to change the way the world interacts with our clients. We want it to be easy for people to achieve a good and ordinary life.

Changing outcomes one client at a time is rewarding and pivotal work. But if we can change the world in which our clients live, their lives will improve immeasurably.

Social change takes a very long time and involves multitudes of organisations and individuals chipping away in unison, and through judicious social investment in businesses which chase both financial and social success, we are determined to do our bit. These social change projects and enterprises work to overcome disadvantage of all types in their communities. It is about moving forward collectively, to make change for all people of all abilities.

Planned Impacts.

Waiariki Disability Action Plan.

Throughout 2021 and 2020, the Bay of PLenty and Lakes District Health Boards partnered with Momenta, to create a new Disability Action Plan for the Waiariki Region.

Employer Confidence Programme.

In 2020, Momenta led a project working with employers, to gain an understanding of their requirements, and at the same time educating them on the benefits of employing from the talented pool of disabled people in New Zealand. We will help build the understanding, confidence and capabilities of employers. While this will benefit individual jobseekers, this work will also help further integrate our clients in to society and, in doing so, shift attitudes about ability.