Working with businesses.

Working collaboratively with businesses.

We know that meaningful employment is a key area people with disabilities, in general, continue to face barriers in accessing. At times, employers still have misconceptions about the skills and values people with disabilities hold or hold concerns about additional costs or processes. 

For true societal change to take place in this space, we need people, business owners, employers, and colleagues to develop awareness and understanding before making changes in their recruitment and workplace. Momenta is actively working on bringing greater attention to the value and benefits people with disabilities bring to the workplace. You can access resources on the work we are doing in this space below 

Meaningful employment opportunities.

Many people completing our coaching programmes have goals of meaningful employment and are actively looking for work. Our life skills coaches work alongside the client and their whānau to identify and seek out opportunities of interest, including employment.


We have intentional relationships with disability employment agencies and will often work alongside other agencies as best suits the client and their aspirations. Likewise, we seek employment opportunities directly with employers and have several clients working part or full-time. 



Cam (21 years) is currently completing the Discovery Programme and has been working alongside Sam, Life Skills Coach Connector. Throughout 2022, Cam was looking for full time employment but had not had much luck on his own. Sam connected Cam to Toni at Career Moves, Supported Employment Agency. A couple of months after working with Toni on his CV and interview skills, Cam landed his first full time job! 40+ hours, 5 days a week. This role eventuated to a new role in an industry that was of more interest to Cam. In 2024, Cam intends to enrol in a Communications degree at Toi Ohomai.

Gaining work experience.

Through our Springboard programme, we seek work experience opportunities to give students in their final year of school, a taster of different employment options and what industries may interest them in pursuing after finishing high school.

Contact the team, or 07 579 0585 to discuss current roles or work experience opportunities in your business.