Transition Programme

We help prepare students to take the leap from school to adult life.

How does Springboard work?

Our life skill coaches have all the training, experience and heart required to support young people through the transition from secondary school to adult life. They take the time to forge relationships with each student so they can understand every person’s unique interests, strengths, aspirations and challenges. They also build strong connections with each student’s family and support network.


We work, at a pace which is right for the student, to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities they will need as they transition to adult life. Everyone’s needs are unique so every student’s transition timeline is also unique. We utilise a range of development and pathway programmes – both in-house and run by other providers – to ensure the best fit for the student’s needs.

Is Springboard right for me?

  • Springboard is aimed at school-leavers aged 16 to 21 who receive Ongoing Resource Scheme (ORS) funding.
  • We are based in Tauranga – our life skill coaches will come to your school or home to get to know you and work collaboratively with you on a transition plan unique to you.
  • We believe in helping people achieve a life of their choosing. Students are active participants in transition planning.
  • For some, life after school might involve work, some might be keen on training and for some it could be an area of interest in the community. We will support you to decide what your life could look like, and we will work with you to achieve these goals.
  • We provide up-to-date information and resources, so you are well-informed about the options available to you in this next phase in your lives.
  • We advocate for you. We make sure you are afforded the same rights and opportunities as any other young New Zealander.