Posted: March 21, 2024Category: News

Stepping into success with Momenta’s Work Confidence Programme

At Momenta, we're deeply committed to fostering our clients' future success. Our tailored one-on-one coaching sessions are ideal starting points, enabling clients to explore their aspirations and set meaningful goals.


Navigating the path to employment


A significant objective for many at Momenta is securing meaningful employment, a journey that can often appear daunting. To address this, we introduced the Work Confidence Programme in 2023, and our first group of participants enthusiastically responded.

The Work Confidence Programme is specifically crafted to bolster individuals, offering them the essential skills, mindset, and resources required for a confident transition into the workforce. Through the programme, we guide our clients towards clearer goal setting and understanding the steps necessary for achieving their employment ambitions.

Eligibility for the Work Confidence Programme is determined during the initial coaching sessions, where clients express an interest in or readiness to pursue paid employment.


Building skills for the future


The programme spans 15 weeks  and is facilitated by Life Skills Coach and Connector Beena Rugnathji.  Structured around weekly group sessions, activities are scheduled for two days each week. It covers key areas such as health and safety, workplace etiquette, cultural awareness, teamwork, understanding of workplace rights and responsibilities, and interview techniques.

Also, the program provides students with the chance to gain practical knowledge and enhance their learning. 

This includes visits to local businesses and charities, presentations by guest speakers from various support agencies, and presentations by Momenta team members.

The programme aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of workplace dynamics, expectations, and the skills necessary for job application, interviewing, and employment success.


Celebrating growth and achievement


The programme concludes in a certification ceremony and presentation. This celebration includes sharing kai with the participants' whanau, support staff, and the Momenta team, acknowledging the achievements and growth of all involved.

If you would like to learn more about any of Momenta’s programmes, please reach out.